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At Right Family Dental P.C. we aim to keep our patients comfortable and free from any pain. We recognize the fact that most dental emergencies are unplanned and may not happen during normal business hours. If your tooth has been damaged or you are in pain, call 347-427-5903 immediately and we will schedule schedule your appointment and treat the issue quickly.

Our friendly staff will do our best to accommodate your schedule and ensure that you can get back to a life that is free from oral pain. While many dentists, require you to schedule appointments far in advance – our staff will work with you in each situation to get you treated right away. You can also help to avoid dental emergencies by having your teeth cleaned twice a year and maintaining healthy diet year-round.

We have over 22 years experience in dealing with all types of dental emergencies. We offer emergency treatment.

Dental implant surgery is by far the biggest advancement in modern dentistry today that allows patients who have experienced tooth loss to have full functioning and aesthetically natural looking teeth.

Dental implants have now become the modern method of replacing missing teeth almost to the point where the mere thought of a dental bridge seems like a very bad idea.

Traditionally bridges were used extensively but now after almost 45 years research and a near 95% success rate overall, dental implants can give back patients their missing teeth offering comfort, stability and longevity. Options that were used once before such as bridges and dentures give many patients problems with stability, movement, comfort and can have terrible effects on a patients ability to eat and negatively impacts their nutritional uptake.

At Right Family Dental if you are replacing single or multiple teeth, or helping to stabilize an existing denture or replace one, the possibilities that dental implants can create are endless.

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